Green, Black, White

Hey readers,

Back on S.o.S with some newly purchased pieces... So happy with the result of this shoot, and glad that I have FINALLY found some white walls to shoot from, something I have been longing for a very, very long time. If you follow me on Instagram, (which you should, here's the link !), you would see my struggle, asking my dear followers to help me out and recommend some cool places to shoot. Big love to you guys ! 

I copped this hoodie back in Supreme, on my amazing holiday to New York City. The brand Fucking Awesome, is a skate, streetwear clothing brand, and I instantly fell in love with it, especially with this hoodie. I chose a way larger size, which would not be a surprise if you have been following my blog for all this time and knowing me, I love to wear baggy, oversized clothing, tshirts or sweaters. 

Regardless of how successful the shoot goes, there is always some sort of madness behind it. As many of you are aware, Dubai's weather isn't exactly the best to shoot, especially with a thick, warm hoodie, and heavy pants. The hassle was real, but the result is what counts. Please like, comment and subscribe to the newsletter ! Much love. 

In this blogpost I am wearing: 

Hoodie: Supreme / Fucking Awesome

Pants: COS

Shirt: Comme Des Garçons

Slides: Adidas

Bag: Celine 

Love, S.o.S xx

Parvane Barret2 Comments