White on Black

Hello my beautiful readers !

I am finally back with a brand new blogpost after 2 WEEKS long of exams ! Argh ! It has been revision on revision, and I am so happy to be back on track and post even more. I am so excited about posting this article as the photographs were proudly taken by one of best friends, Ella. Just to let you guys know, I have never been shot for my blog other than by my sister, or by photographers that have found me via Instagram. 

I had never shot with her before, therefore I thought I might as well give it a shot. By the end of the shoot, I could not believe how AMAZING these photos turned out to be: fierce, bold with full of minimalism. The shoot was very much of a 'wet hair, don't care' kind of look, along with no makeup applied. We worked so well together, I am so happy with how the photographs have turned out, I wish I could post them all as they are top quality ! 

For this shoot, I decided to go for a little more of a 'risqué' look, wearing nothing but my white blazer jacket along with a black Calvin Klein bra. As you all know about me, I love to experiment with clothes. I thought that this look really represented the daring side of my style, without going over board to the point of the look being vulgar or inappropriate.

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In this blogpost I am wearing: 

White Blazer Jacket by Topshop,

White Cigarette Pants from Zara,

White Huaraches Sneakers from Nike,

Sunglasses from West L.A Boutique

Bra from Calvin Klein, Urban Outfitters

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