Just Another Denim Story

Hello everyone !!

It has been so long since I have posted on the blog and I am terribly sorry about that. School is back and I have been REALLY busy this week. Homework has been my major priority and I am trying to get it done ASAP ! But I am now back, and ready to publish another blogpost ! I have been wanting to post this outfit for ages ! 

This outfit features a Zara denim coat with unfinished edges. I remember seeing in it in the Zara store in Dubai, thinking I was not going to buy it, however, changed my mind when I saw it in France !

The coat actually reminded me of a "tablier" or a work coat that I had to wear back in my school in Bordeaux. I thought that this coat was such a different and unique piece of clothing, and that it would look perfect once featured on the blog. 

This shoot was really what I wanted it to be, simple yet fresh. I played around with the lighting, different backgrounds, (such as wooden and concrete walls), as well as different camera angles. The photos have turned out to be great, and I am so happy about that. 

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In this outfit I am wearing: 

Denim coat from Zara

Shorts from Zara

Shoes from Nike

Bag from Celine, (not available, but similar here)

Sunnies from Quay, (not available, but similar here)

Necklace from Vida Kush, purchased in West L.A Boutique (not available, but similar here)

Love, S.o.S xx

Parvane Barret1 Comment