The Dimepiece Dashiki

Aloha readers ! 

I am finally in Biarritz and ready to post ! Here is a new blogpost on my african dashiki from Dimepiece L.A, and I absolutely adore it to bits ! It has never been featured on State of Style, and I am very excited to share it with you !

The dashiki (dachiqui) is a traditional African garment, and has a long history that originates from West Africa, originally from Ghana. This colourful and patterned garment is a loose fitted pull-over shirt for men and women with a v shaped collar. 

I feel that this item is perfect for summer, as it is very loose and very light weight. The dashiki is created using a light material, which is perfect. I paired this outfit up with my brand new Stan Smiths that I purchased in Paris; the shoes have green at the back and are covered with scales. Some people may say that it is useless buying another pair of Stan Smiths because, I agree, they are all identical. But I did it anyway ! 

Lastly, I added my rounded Ray-Bans to contribute to that pop of colour the dashiki was giving, and adding my all time favourite nose ring/septum... I cannot live without it; it is now a must for me ! I cannot leave the house without it, and when I do, I tend to get very frustrated with myself ! My septum is as important as shoes or underwear... that's just how it is ! 

Hope you guys enjoyed this article as well as the photos; I really enjoyed snapping them ! If you liked this new blogpost, why not give it a few likes and comments while you're at it ? 

In this outfit I am wearing: 

African dashiki from Dimepiece,

Stan Smiths from Adidas Originals,  

Sunnies from Ray-Ban

Nose ring/Septum from Karma Salman

Love, S.o.S xx

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