Keep Calm and Love Street Art

Hello stylers ! 

Since my last "street art" article was so much fun to create and the results were absolutely amazing, I decided to post another one but this time the location is Biarritz, South of France. These pictures were taken in a skatepark, where it was thankfully empty and not a single person was around. It was perfect !

My sister, my cousin and I, found some really amazing street art pieces, that should be cherished and never taken away. For example, on the fifth photo below, a beautiful blue skull is shown and you can see that so much detail has been put into it that it looks so realistic. True talent was shown on these walls.

Moving on to the fashion, I decided to wear my new Adidas jersey that I purchased back in Paris. The 'jersey' is actually a shirt from the mens section, in size L. Not so surprised right ? The Adidas store in Paris was enormous, and I was completely lost in it due to the fabulous clothing. Definitely an amazing experience ! I am also wearing my new Nike Roshe One shoes, and I am officially obsessed with how comfortable and light they are. They really go with everything I have; it is truly great. 

You may be wondering why I always have the same bag in almost every blogpost... It is simply because I love it so much ! Another reason would be that I avoided bringing many handbags since it would take up space in my suitcase. Other than that it is simply because it is one of my favourite bags, however I do promise that I will incorporate other bags !

Lastly, I am wearing a grey fedora hat that I purchased in Mango in Spain, and it was love at first sight. The love I have for hats is endless, and this one was really perfect. And the final accessory are my Dior Technologic sunnies, which I love as much as everything else. 

FINAL TOUCH: I am so happy to have my beautiful cousin, Lauriane, in this article. We thought it would be fun to have her in a few shots and in the end, we decided that the last photo was the best one ! I love her so much, she is more than a cousin to me; definitely a sister. Do you recognise her sunglasses ? Very familiar right ? 

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In this outfit I am wearing: 

T-shirt dress from Adidas Originals, (t-shirt dress is not available online, however this is a similar product),

Fedora hat from Mango

Shoes from Nike

Bag from Balenciaga

Sunnies from Dior

What Lauriane is wearing: 

Shirt from Zara

Jeans from H&M

Shoes from Converse, 

Bag from Comptoir des Cotonniers  (bag is not available online, however there are some similar models),

Sunnies from Ray Ban 

Love, S.o.S xx

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