Love Life in Street Art

Hello my beautiful readers ! I am delighted to post 2 blogposts in row; so much spare time since it is summer ! As you can tell from my posts, I enjoy snapping photos in the streets because it has become one of the official runways for fashion bloggers. Street style is not only about the clothes you wear, but the places that you shoot in. 

From fancy, sophisticated areas to rural and run down, there is no difference, every place counts. Today, I chose to shoot near street art, my favourite type of art. Art to me is a way of expressing what you are feeling inside, whether it is happiness or anger.

Street art is an art that is displayed in public areas, and it was in the 1980's where "graffiti art" boomed its way into the industry and still going strong. Despite the fact that street art often gets removed or washed away from walls, the public still takes notice of it. Street art seems to have a special message for many: People may speak with words and phrases, but some with colours and patterns. :) 

Moving on, I could not wait to make a blog post on this outfit; I love it so much ! I did mention it on my Instagram (@parvbar) that I was going to do a post on this jersey, and look what is happening now ... !! I think that this shoot is my favourite out of everything that I have done, I am so in love with it ! I also attempted to do a "slicked-back" hair look, let me know what you think in the comments below ! 

I added my Louis Vuitton Petit Malle bag, my leopard print boots from Zara and my sunglasses from QUAY, because I thought that everything went perfect together, and the darker coloured items would stand out more, since the white jersey takes up the whole space.

The jersey also stands out when I am against the graffitis, which I absolutely love ! Best photoshoot ever ! I really have to thank my beautiful sister and mother for taking all of these photos for my blog, without them, I really would have trouble posting ! So much LOVE. 

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In this outfit I am wearing: 

Love Life Jersey from Criminal Damage, purchased from West L.A Boutique

Shoes from Zara

Bag from Louis Vuitton

Sunglasses from QUAY Australia

Love, S.o.S xx