Camel & Stripes

Hello my lovely readers ! I hope that every single one of you is doing fine, and that you are having an amazing summer ! According to all the social medias, everyone has been talking about the  "heatwave" that has recently hit. All I can say to myself is "What heatwave ? I live in Dubai !" Despite this heat, I still manage to wear what I want in order to keep you guys updated with my outfits. Does the heat ever bother me ? Not at all :)

I am so happy to tell you guys that I have finally bought a new Canon camera, which takes really amazing photos, and I am beyond delighted with that. The quality is crazy good, and my photos already look so much better ! Anyway, let's get down to business and talk fashion: 

I have always been a huge fan of camel coloured clothes, so I thought that it was about time to buy something this colour. This is a sleeve-less vest from Topshop and I thought I should top it onto an oversized shirt dress from Zara. This Zara dress really is becoming one of my favourites, as it is so comfortable to wear and really relaxed. The only big turn off about this dress is that it is really transparent, hence why you would need to wear an additional garment underneath, such as a thin white dress, like I was wearing.

I also wore my favourite shoes of all time, my Stan Smiths, and I think that they have appeared on this blog more than anything else I have featured !  This dress would honestly look good with any shoes ! For my bag, I added my Chanel No5 Perfume bottle bag, which I absolutely love because it is such an amazing creation by Chanel. It's unique, fun and a little funky ! 

I have been really loving all of the comments and messages my readers are sending me, it is really heart-warming since I am taking this blog very seriously and everyone seems to be supporting it. Much love to you guys ! While you are at it, why not like this post and give it a few comments ? 

In this outfit I am wearing, 

Sleeve-less vest from Topshop

Shirt dress from Zara Women

Shoes from Adidas Originals

Bag from Chanel

Bracelet from The Peach Box 

Love, S.o.S xx