Inner Tomboy

Hello readers !

I am back with another blogpost in my current location, Paris. In this post, I decided to wear my snapback and my bomber jacket to bring out my "Inner Tomboy". What is special about this outfit is that half of it is from the men's section of H&M.

As I mentioned in several blogposts, I believe that the men's section of H&M corresponds to my style better than the women's section. I also think that the clothes in that particular section is chilled out and laid back, and I think the oversized t-shirt really tells it all. 

I feel that this outfit really represents me, and tells a lot about my style as a whole. My style really varies, and mainly depends on my mood. I can go from feeling sporty and boyish by bringing out some football jerseys, snapbacks, sneakers and I'm good to go. 

Another side of my style is that I can go all out minimalist with classy, structured clothing and some block-heeled boots, (you guys know I'm obsessed with that !) 

So excited that I will be going to Biarritz tomorrow to join my family. I really cannot wait to be there, and to stay updated with my vacation make sure to check out my Instagram page: @parvbar. 

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In this outfit I am wearing, 

Hat from Neff

Bomber jacket from H&M Men's section,

T-shirt from H&M Men's section,

Shoes from Adidas Originals

Sunglasses from Dior 

Septum from Karma Salman 

Love, S.o.S xx


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