Leather and French Avenues

Bonjour mes amis et bienvenue à Paris !

So happy to have finally arrived in France in one of my favourite cities; Paris of course ! It feels so good to be back in the "French" atmosphere; I have deeply missed it. The people, the food, the fashion. A cycle that never ends. The French style is composed of classy and elegant clothing, as well as edgy and trendy at the same time. Simply amazing !

Today was a successful day of walking around the beautiful city and visiting a few shops such as American Apparel, Brandy Melville and Urban Outfitters; shops that are unfortunately non-existent in Dubai ! All of the products that I have purchased will be featured on my blog at some point, and let me tell you, I have bought some really cool pieces ! Really excited ! 

This shoot was a really good one, as the weather was wonderful ! It was really windy in the beginning, which was difficult for me as I was wearing a fedora hat that almost flew away... twice ! However, that did not stop me from wearing it ... :) I also managed to take full body photos in order for you guys to see full outfit details. 

Today's outfit was a little edgy and funky at the same time, consisting of all black pieces and leather. I also added a white top from Zara to contrast the whole outfit, as well as some colourful shades to add a pop of colour.

Furthermore, I added some flash tattoos and I was very excited to apply them as soon as summer started ! They are fun and really fashionable, and they also give the illusion that you are wearing jewellery ! 

I cannot wait to post more of my vacation in Paris, it is really going great ! Follow my Instagram @parvbar for more Parisian posts !

In this outfit I am wearing

Leather jacket from Mango,

Top from Zara,

Leather shorts from Zara,

Shoes from Adidas Originals,

Bag from Balenciaga,

Hat from H&M,

Sunglasses from Ray Ban,

Flash tattoos from Lulu DK 

Love, S.o.S xx

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