Techno and All Black

Hello readers !

I decided to pull out an "all-black" outfit out of my closet, along with some marooned coloured accessories and a pair of Dior Technologic sunnies. In this outfit, I thought about including some faux fur to the look, because I believe that it hides the structured/uniformed look the culottes and the crop top give to the outfit. Adding to that, I paired the look with some cheetah print ankled sneakers (similar to basketball shoes) which are becoming one of the latest trends out there in the fashion world. 

Today's shoot was a really good one, as the weather was relatively pleasant, therefore, my sister and I managed to walk the streets of the Palm Jumeirah in order to get the perfect background and lighting for my photographs. I also managed to stand in the middle of the road and snap a few pictures, which is always a challenge when cars are driving by; having somebody you can trust to signal whether a car is coming or not is always a good idea ! I trust my sister enough with my life... at times ! 

I thought today was a successful day, with successful photos, and a successful outfit that was carefully chosen. Blogging plays a big role in my life now, and I could not be any happier with how my blog is going. Did I mention it to you guys that I had changed my blog layout ?

Well yes, I did do so, I used a different template which features a photo gallery, more social links to connect with me as well as a 'subscribe' button, which lets you subscribe to my blog, and sends out emails whenever I post (you have to include your email address), I really find all this very exciting for me as it only means that my blog is developing into something better ! 

Adding to this, I cannot wait for my trip to France, it is going to be amazing as it will be my first vacation where I will be active my blog. I am going to Paris and Biarritz. I have been to these destinations millions of times, but it always feels like the first time. I am so excited to post from these locations as it will be very different from Dubai ! It is going to be a great journey ... 

In this outfit I am wearing, 

Crop top from Forever 21, 

Faux Fur vest from H&M,

Culottes from ASOS,

Ankle sneakers from Zara,

Bag from Louis Vuitton,

Sunglasses from Dior,

Bracelet from The Peach Box 

Love, S.o.S xx  

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