Army and Checkered

Bonjour my lovely readers ! Today's post features the Dubai skyline and the deep blue sea along the shoreline of the Palm Jumeirah. I am always trying to find different locations when taking photographs, so my blogpost do not become repetitive.

I really enjoyed today's shoot because it required my sister and I to jump off a rather small ledge in order to access the rocky shores of Palm Jumeirah, which was an amazing idea, as the view was breathtaking. 

The bluish sea was brightened by the Dubai sunlight. It was like blue gems, shining, and making the colour more gorgeous than it was before. The skyline was also beautiful to look at, it was just a stunning view, and perfect for my blogpost ! I am very thankful that my family takes this blog and my passion seriously. They drive to different places in Dubai, allowing me to take the perfect photographs... much love to them ! 

I had planned on creating a blogpost on this outfit 2 days ago, but unfortunately I could not due to the humidity outside, which fogged up the inner lens of my camera and photographs could not be taken. I was very annoyed because I had everything planned out ! :( Nevertheless, I am here now with a new blogpost, and the outfit to show you guys !

I really love the different pieces of this outfit, because they all represent something. By this, I mean that the culottes, for example, represent the summer vibes; how it is light clothing, and created from a very "flowy" material.

The shirt represents the uniformed look of the outfit, which gives off a very structured and geometric vibe. Last but not least, the boots give off a very "army" look (hence the title) and a very sporty vibe as well. The sunglasses and the bag represent the classy and sophisticated side of the outfit. 

I am so grateful with all of the support you guys are giving to this blog, it means the world to me. More and more people are contacting me, for example magazines, all thanks to your support and time you are giving for my blog, State of Style. Love you all unconditionally ! 

In this outfit I am wearing:

Shirt from Zara

Culottes from Zara

Boots from H&M,

Sunglasses from QUAY Australia

Bag from Balenciaga

Love, S.o.S xx

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