All White and Leo Prints

This weekend, I decided to change things a little, and rock an all white outfit, with a touch of leopard and LV print of course. My all white outfit consists of a loose white tee, white cigarette pants along with a white duster coat. The loose tee breaks the whole structured look that the cigarette pants and the duster coat give. The leopard print boots are becoming one of my favourite pairs of shoes, even though I only bought them yesterday ! I remember seeing them a long time ago on the Zara website, and I did not seem to find them any where.

Thankfully, I laid eyes on them last night, realising that they were on my wish list. To finish the maroon tones of this outfit, I paired up the boots with my Louis Vuitton Petit Maille bag, which I think really stands out. Not to forget my sunnies, from one of my favourite brands: West L.A Boutique. I really liked how I arranged the whole outfit, and it may become one of my favourites. However, as amazing as it may look, I do not think I would wear this outfit outdoors, since the weather right now in Dubai can be summed up with one word: deadly ! I often have a hard time taking photos because it is sometimes so hot ! I only wear my outfits in indoor areas, such as the malls. 

I also wanted to thank every single one of you who give time to check and like my posts on either my Instagram or my State of Style blog. I really appreciate all the love and support all of you guys are giving to these blogs. It means a lot, and I hope that it continues ! Thank you so much again, and give this post a like and a comment ! 

In this outfit, I am wearing: 

Duster coat from ASOS,

White Tee from NYPD NY, Net-A-Porter,

Cigarette pants from Zara, 

Leopard print boots from Zara, 

Bag from Louis Vuitton, 

Sunglasses from QUAY, from West L.A Boutique. 

Love, S.o.S x

Parvane BarretComment