The "No 1 Cares" Jersey

Hello my lovely followers ! I am very sorry for not posting earlier on, it was a very busy weekend ... But here I am with a new outfit; an amazing jersey from cyber-style shop UNIF. I bought this jersey in the West L.A Boutique down in Sunset Mall, (I will leave a link to their online shopping site below) and it is actually from the mens section, in size L. Whoops ! Is it only me or the mens section is often better than the women's clothing ? I definitely approve this !

The jersey reads "No 1 Cares", spread across the very front, along with blue and red lines on the sleeves and the hips. I paired this look with a blue Chanel bag, only because I wanted to match the colours. On top of that, I decided to wear my Stan Smiths, which I believe you are ALL familiar with by now...

I think that this particular look really represents my style, which is often combining sporty and chic together. I wore this jersey as a dress, and wore it a birthday party. I believe that this look is really good for any chilled and cool-vibed events, such as concerts, festivals or parties. Let me know in the comments below what you think about this look, and don't forget to like it ! 

In this outfit I am wearing: 

-Jersey from UNIF, West L.A Boutique ,

-Shoes from Adidas Originals

-Bag from Chanel

Love, S.o.S x

Parvane BarretComment