The Simple Zara Dress

When I saw this dress, I instantly fell in love with how cute it looked. This little dress, from Zara (what a coincidence!) is from the TRF section. I thought that it was original how all the different patterns are laid out upon the simple white dress. I added some sneakers to this look, to complete a sporty look. I also added a mini pink Chanel bag and my blue Ray-Bans to spice up the outfit, as most of it is white coloured. 

Today was a sunny day to take photographs, hence why I challenged myself to snap a running picture. Did I succeed or failed ? :D I think to obtain a successful blog, it is important to vary your pictures, make sure to have different poses, as well as different places, it's always good to inform readers where you've been hanging out. Make sure to support this blog and give it a like !

In this outfit I am wearing: 

-Dress from Zara (TRF),

-Shoes from Adidas Originals,

-Sunglasses from Ray Ban,

-Bag from Chanel

Love, S.o.S x