Rita Ora X Adidas Originals

Can you tell that I'm slightly obsessed with Adidas Originals ? It was impossible for me not to have a look at the new Rita Ora collection for spring/summer 2015. The collection consists of smoke patterns, asian symbols, comic book sketches and X-Rays, which can only be summed up by one word: AMAZING. All of the collections are absolutely stunning, but the "Dragon Pack Collection" really caught my eye. I really love how the different colours and patterns are mixed together. This collection involves the dragons that are seen at the Chinese new year dragon dances, which I think is pretty interesting, (who would of thought of that ?!)

This dress has the look of an american football jersey, and I love its loose fit. Just so you know, I specifically bought the larger size in order to have the "shirt-dress" look, (I loved how the sales lady did not understand the point of this, and recommended a smaller size for me to buy...) In this look, I thought of going a little crazy, so I ended up wearing the Superstars from Rita's previous collection ! Adidas on adidas I guess ... Make sure to like and comment on this post ! And why not share ? 


In this outfit I am wearing, 

-Dress from Adidas Originals X Rita Ora,

-Shoes from Adidas Originals X Rita Ora,

-Bag from Adeen, West L.A Boutique, 

-Necklaces from Vida Kush, West L.A Boutique, 

-Sunglasses from Quay, West L.A Boutique

Love, S.o.S x