44 Years of Pride


On the 2nd of December 1971, the 7 emirates merged together to form the United Arab Emirates. From a ruler's vision to a worldwide known destination, this country arose from sand to display its beauty and development. 

Happy National Day to the U.A.E, it is time to celebrate its grown and evolution since 44 years ! I wish all the Emiratis a happy celebration ! 

Therefore, I decided to honour the U.A.E by creating a special blogpost entitling it: ''44 Years of Pride''. I also decided to add a special touch to the article, and actually wear the traditional dress worn by the Emirati women.

The Abaya, the traditional dress, is mainly worn by the muslim women of the U.A.E as well as around the world. It plays an integral part within the Arabian societies. Sometimes never reinforced by law, women tend to wear this garment anyway to show modesty and be closer to their religion, Islam. 

However, the abaya does play a stylish role within women’s lives. It is also seen as a elegant and stylish symbol and can be integrated into everyday life. 

I personally love abayas; I find it so elegant and refined on some women ! I thought I should try it out myself, and pay tribute to the amazing country and this day full of happiness and joy. 

Moving on, I found an amazing place to shoot this national day blogpost, and I am so proud of the results. The shoot took place on one of the popular beaches of Dubai, Kite Beach, where a field of flags was set up for the special day to come. It was an amazing sight as it showed how patriotic Emiratis are. It was the perfect location !

I am really proud of this blogpost, so make sure to give it a like and comment what you think !

Love, S.o.S xx

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