Suit up !

Hello beautiful readers ! 

I am finally back at it with a brand new post ! Here, I am wearing a vintage Kenzo suit, and I contrasted the dark colours of the suit with a plain white top and added some chunky, army boots. I added a bit of a gothic air to the outfit as well, by wearing a black velvet choker. 

In this blogpost, I decided to go against the norm, and state that the suit isn't only a trademark adopted by men, and can be rocked by women too. From Tilda Swinton to Janelle Monáe, the suit has successfully gained recognition from a variety of females around the globe.

Women may wear this apparel when needed to look extra formal and chic, like attending a job interview or anything of this sort. Some women wear the suit as their everyday work attire, which I particularly love.

Wearing a suit as a uniform tells the world a) what kind of work you do, b) if you work with passion and ambition and c) what kind of women you are. I strongly believe that what you wear defines who you are; from what colour to which designer. Yet, many may disagree because this point does go against the famous saying "Don't judge a book by its cover". What debatable subject ! 

Other women, (like myself) love to wear the suit to stand out and be different. Sometimes it is easier to put the dresses and the skirts to one side, and pull out the inner classy tomboy out of the closet. 

However, the suit has obtained controversial status, with women actually disagreeing with wearing such clothing and claiming that it is gender specific. Some women believe that it is their right to make their own attire choices. Like I already mentioned, this is a debatable subject that is now globally dispersed, and raising eyebrows. 

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In this outfit I am wearing: 

Top from Zara, (not available, but similar here)

Pants from Kenzo (vintage),

Blazer from Kenzo (vintage),

Choker from Topshop,

Shoes from H&M, (not available, but similar here)

Sunnies from Dior

Love, S.o.S xx

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